Today marks our 5 year wedding anniversary. Last year I wrote about the three words that changed my marriage. This year I want to share two. I Do. When I think back to our wedding day I remember that big deep breath I had to take when I reached the end of the aisle. How looking […]

On Tuesday night of last week my parents lost their home in the Rockport 5 fire in Utah. You grow up in the American West and wild fires are a normal part of summer life. You get used to smoky Augusts, orange sunsets and home loss every summer. And then it happens to your family… […]

People tell you that your second pregnancy will be different, but it’s hard to know how until you experience it. First, this pregnancy has gone so, so fast. It’s hard to believe that we are approximately 10 (maybe 11?) weeks out from our baby girl’s arrival. Second, this pregnancy has been different physically. The first […]

Tomorrow, my Godfather, my Uncle Harry, will be buried at sea. Harry has been in my life since I was born on St. Croix. I was lucky that my parents chose he and my Aunt Laura to be my Godparents. They were a constant in my life for so long. Even after we moved to […]

Today I’m blogging over at Reno Moms Blog about my decision to stay in the workforce. Sometimes I have weeks where I arrogantly think, “I’ve got this. Motherhood? Check. Career? Check. Clean house? Hahahahahahhaah.” This has not been one of those weeks. This has been a week of morning toddler break downs, too much laundry, […]

I am so excited to announce a new venture that my friend Annie of Mommy Goes to Work and I have been working on. Today we launched Reno Moms Blog, a collaborative blog written by local moms for local moms in the Reno area. We have recruited an amazing group of Reno women who will […]

It’s one of my parenting dreams to share my love for horses with my kids so when I had the opportunity to take Henry riding this weekend I jumped at it. My old boss Julie is a horsewoman and is lucky to have property within the city limits where she can keep her two horses […]

I don’t care how far women have come in the workplace, telling your boss that you are pregnant is still one of the most nerve-racking things I’ve ever done. With my first pregnancy I was forced to disclose that I was pregnant sooner than I would have liked because I was taking a new job. […]

My pregnancy took a turn in a direction I hadn’t expected this week when I found out that my TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) levels were out of the ballpark of normal. Elevated TSH levels are something that I’m used to. I’ve fought Hasimoto’s Thyroiditis for close to 10 years. For the last year I’ve done […]

We are excited to share that our family will be growing and we are expecting our second baby in October! We’ve been more private this time and have been slowly sharing with our friends and family. For me I wanted to make sure we had our first appointment and that everything was ok, but there’s […]